Hey there!

I'm Jess, the crazy dog lady in my neighborhood fueled on sarcasm and coffee! I started my photography journey young, constantly chasing my childhood dogs down with a disposable camera and doing "styled photoshoots" with my best friend! (By styled I mean crazy outfits, zombie apocalypse with fake blood, etc.) I didn't know then how much I would appreciate all of those pictures, in focus or not, but they are priceless to me now! It was easy to tell then that photography was going to be my passion.

Outside of photography, I love being at home with my husband, our son and our three dogs. I was very much a home body before our son but now it's even worse! I'm a die hard Lord of the Rings fan and use more quotes from that in my daily life than anyone probably should. It's always a hockey night in Pittsburgh at our house you just probably don't want to drop by during playoffs.

Hopefully I've given you a little insight into who you're hiring because I really should come with a warning label. I promise we will have a good time though! I'm out of my mind in the most wonderful way!

Credit: RustBelt Mayberry Photography


We had an incredible experience with Jess! She was very responsive and super helpful with location suggestions since we're still new to the area. She captured real and wonderful pictures of our 11 year old pup! She used techniques that sparked our dogs interest and captured her personality perfectly! Thank you for these memories!

Brittney (Kimber's Mom)