Hey there!

I'm Jess, the crazy dog lady in my neighborhood! I have three dogs of my own, Bella, Reese and Zoey. I started my photography journey young, constantly chasing my childhood dogs down with a disposable camera! I didn't know then how much I would appreciate all of those pictures, in focus or not, but they are priceless to me now!

Photography stuck with me as a hobby throughout high school and after. I quickly realized it was my passion to make weird noises behind my camera to get head tilts from dogs! For a few years, I worked for a reputable dog trainer in my area. I learned many different types of training from obedience to detection to therapy. The majority of my time there was spent learning dog behavior and helping dogs with fear and aggression become relaxed and social members of their families. During daycare, I was constantly getting pictures of clients dogs to show them their dogs playing and having fun! I loved how their faces lit up with joy when they saw them! I knew then that being a "dogtographer" was meant to be!

Outside of photography, I love being at home and binge watching crime documentaries. I probably drink entirely too much coffee but that's a matter of opinion. Training dogs is still a passion of mine and I love helping others train their dogs! I hate to sound cliche but...you can usually find me at Target or Michaels. There's just something so relaxing about walking through Target 17 times and sometimes not even buying anything!

I'm all about laughing and having a good time! I can't wait to meet ya! (And your dog.)

Credit: RustBelt Mayberry Photography

Meet the pack!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you might know these crazy animals already! My "first born" is Bella, the yellow Huskador! Affectionately and commonly referred to as "the queen" in our house, she pretty rules the roost. Bella is my once in a lifetime dog and she's unlike any dog you'll ever meet! This diva does not get out of bed before 11am and enjoys laying in the sun and barking at the FedEx guy. She will NOT get her paws wet to go potty no matter what and will sing you the song of her people if you break out a hair dryer.

Then we have Reese, my "middle child" who is the extremely handsome English Black Labrador. He's my cuddle bug who LOVES peanut butter and ice cubes! Reese loves to be where you are and if you sit on the couch with him be prepared for him to suddenly forget his size. We don't do throw blankets in our house, we just let the dogs keep you warm! If you didn't catch on, my business is named after these two dogs!

Then finally we have Zoey, the giant gray kangaroo looking dog who cannot survive without physical contact. She's a Great Dane, actually. Zoey aka "The Monster" or "Beastie" was an unplanned addition to our family. She was found dumped on the side of a highway at 7 weeks old, very malnourished and infested with round worms. She was brought to us because well, I AM the neighborhood crazy dog lady! After realizing the hard truth that no one was going to come and claim her, we officially adopted her and boy...our lives haven't been the same since!


We had an incredible experience with Jess! She was very responsive and super helpful with location suggestions since we're still new to the area. She captured real and wonderful pictures of our 11 year old pup! She used techniques that sparked our dogs interest and captured her personality perfectly! Thank you for these memories!

Brittney (Kimber's Mom)