Meet Luna & Roscoe!

There's nothing better than getting a new puppy! That new puppy breath. The squishy little face. Unless of course you get two! I absolutely LOVE when pet parents get two puppies from the same litter! The chemistry between the two is completely different. Think about it. Those two have been romping around and wrestling each other since they could walk! Double the trouble but also double the love!

I had so much fun during their session! I was immediately greeted (well...tackled) with puppy kisses! The new location didn't bother them a bit and their spunky personalities shined through for the entire time! I love new puppy sessions because there is really no structure to it. We just let the puppies go wild and live their best lives! A good portion of the session I was flat on the ground taking on two puppies like a two on one cage match in wrestling! Needless to say, I lost and I'm not complaining! But that's what sessions are all about - having fun!

I think Mom had her doubts that her little pups were going to be super models as most dog mom's do. But once she saw their pictures she was stunned! Luna and Roscoe absolutely owned the show and I couldn't be happier myself with how they turned out. I really have to give a huge thank you to Trisha for trusting me with her fur-babies and going with the flow! She was so fun to work with and I think in about 10 months we are going to meet up again to show just how big those little nuggets get! We agreed that Roscoe is going to be a TANK when he grows up! I'll update you guys on how the wrestling match goes then!

My favorite part of every session is after the pups get home mom sends me a snap of them zonked! I like to joke that each session comes with a power nap guarantee! I'm thinking about making a story highlight on instagram for client pictures of their dogs snoozing after their sessions. Thoughts?