As a dog photographer and dog mom myself, I know a lot of pet-related businesses through shopping, using their services myself, or knowing the owners as good friends! A lot of these businesses I stand behind 1000% and love their products and services for my own pups. So I thought I'd share some of my favorites with my fellow dog mommas! I have linked each business in their title so you can just click to check them out!

Bronx & Bristol

If you've followed me for a while you know that my dogs exclusively wear bandanas and bows from Bronx & Bristol! Shop owner Hailee is a good friend of mine but I also truly love her products! Every bandana I've ordered from her has been fantastic quality and the prints are always the cutest! Seriously, my dogs have their own "dresser" full of bandanas. It's a true obsession. She has a bandana for just about every occasion and some can be personalized for your pup! She also uses various unique fabrics like corduroy (my personal favorite) and denim! A few new products that I love that she has been doing are the dog mom and dog matching bundles. There are sweaters with matching bandanas for your dog and scrunchies with matching bandanas as well! Who doesn't want to twin with their dog?

Hailee started her business obviously out of love for her own pups who she named her business after. She puts so much love and care into her products and I couldn't be more proud of how far she has come! I happily collaborated with her to offer a mystery bandana to my clients as part of their welcome package because I love her products so much! If you're in the market for adorable bandanas for your dogs, this is where you want to order from! She is local to the Pittsburgh area but ships all over the states!

DogGone Candles

Another amazing Pittsburgh area business is DogGone Candles! I've known about this business for a while and finally ordered my own candles from Tiffani! Hi, my name is Jess and I'm addicted to candles! So when I found these that are all dog themed and hand made locally...I had to have them! The scents are seriously amazing and if you like sweet smelling candles I HIGHLY recommend "Banana Mutt Bread" because will give you all the grandma's fresh baked banana bread vibes.

Something else that I absolutely love about Tiffani is her incredible generosity and love for dogs. She frequently donates to help dogs in need and even generously donated to my calendar contest for one of the weekly mini-contest prizes! For 2021, all proceeds from her candle sales will go to various rescues each month! So not only will your house smell amazing, but your candle purchase actually makes a difference for a dog waiting for their forever home!

Paul Anthony

Anyone who has a dog will likely seek out professional training at some point. Or at least they should. A dog doesn't have to have a behavioral issue to need professional training either. Learning how to properly socialize your dog and where to start with training are a must and will help in the long run with preventing behavioral issues all together. Let me introduce you to my good friend, mentor, and pops, Paul Anthony! Paul has been training dogs for many years and has learned from some of the best trainers across the United States. Actually, he continues to learn from others because in the dog training industry, education never stops. Paul uses a balanced training method and firmly believes that you need to train the people to be a leader to their dogs.

So let me tell you a little story about Paul as a client myself and how I got to know him. When we first brought Bella home, we already had a Terrier mix named Geno. You may have seen me post about him before. He's an absolutely awesome dog, just a bit misunderstood. He does have behavioral issues due to lack of socialization and stimulation in his daily life. By not properly doing these things, he developed fear-based anxiety and aggression. So when we introduced didn't go well. He barked and growled at Bella incessantly and we truly didn't think he was going to get along with her. We called about four other trainers who told us to either get rid of one of our dogs, or euthanize Geno because he was a behavioral issue. We were stressed and upset. A few days later I saw a newspaper article about Paul. I thought, "it doesn't hurt to call him I guess." I told him the problem and told him what the other trainers said and you know what? He laughed. He said "I'll see you at my Thursday class". That was all she wrote. We went through classes with Geno with great success! He even was able to attend daycare with tons of other dogs! He taught us how to properly handle Geno to improve his quality of life. Bella of course went through obedience classes with Paul as well and a few other kinds of training to keep her from getting bored.

Paul is truly a trainer who is in it for the well being of the dogs. I've seen tons of cases that he has taken on over the years from small things like leash manners to rehabilitating dogs that had an extensive bite history. Having training knowledge is one thing and will obviously get the job done. But, there is something about Paul and his connection to these dogs that you won't find just anywhere. I truly believe he has some crazy hidden super power though he will deny it every time. So, the best dog trainer in the universe (in my opinion)...Paul Anthony all the way.

Puppy Face Pet Parlor

My paws down favorite grooming place is Puppy Face Pet Parlor! Annette is a grooming magician and takes such good care of my pups! Not only have my dogs left looking even more amazing than they already are, but they love Annette! She is so loving towards the dogs she grooms and cares for them like her own. In order to truly be successful, I believe you really have to love what you do. There's no doubt in my mind that this woman loves her profession and was meant to do it!

Her cute little shop is in Monaca (Beaver County) and very easy to get to! She started out as a small home based grooming salon and recently made the transition to her building! Annette spends time with each dog to keep them as comfortable as possible and works with dogs who are stressed and fearful. This isn't a "groom the max amount of dogs" type of salon and she prides herself on that. If you want a groomer who provides an amazing experience for your dog that you can trust...go see Annette! Your pups will never look better!

Lindsey's Dog Walking

Listen dog momma, I know you work hard so your dog can have a good life and every toy in the toy isle. As a working dog mom, wouldn't it be nice if you had someone you could trust who could stop by and take your pup for a nice walk or keep an eye on them if you have a weekend away? Look no further! I have the best pup sitting service for ya! Lindsey is PSI certified, pet tech trained, fear free certified and fully insured and bonded! She started her business in 2018 because she needed a change and her love for animals was where she wanted to dedicate her life. So her dog walking and pet sitting service was born!

I asked her what her favorite part of her job is and her answer speaks volumes on why you should hire her. She told me "my favorite part is definitely seeing the pets waiting in the window for me when I pull up to my client's house". What does that tell me? First that she loves her job! Second, that her clients dogs LOVE her! Anyone could dog sit. They could come in, walk the dog, feed them, fill their water dish and head out. Lindsey actually builds a bond with her clients dogs and spends time with them. Their happiness and safety is her top priority and to me, that's so important. Having your mind at ease knowing your pup is safe when you aren't the one walking them is priceless. If I would trust you with my dogs, you have to be good because that list of people is TINY. Interested in dog walking services? Lindsey's Dog Walking currently services the Lower Burrell area! You can send me a thank you later!