My TikTok and Instagram has been flooded with pregnancy/mom content lately which is expected of course. Algorithms and all. With that comes lots of opinions - some helpful and some just crazy to me. Everyone is of course entitled to their opinions always but my problem is the people who forget that their opinion usually isn’t fact or isn’t the ONLY way. I’ve quickly realized there are some things that seem to bother a lot of moms that don’t really bother me. If they bother you, that’s totally fine. I’m not judging anyone. I’m just learning who I am as a mother.

First up: weight gain/being pregnant. Now, I’m six months along and I’ve personally put on a little over 5 pounds. Physically, I know I look A LOT different than pre-pregnancy. I see a lot of moms who get really down on themselves about this part of being pregnant and talk a lot about how they can’t wait to “get their body back”. For me, I’ve always struggled with self esteem but somehow I’m so comfortable being pregnant and having this bump. It doesn’t bother me one bit. I feel like I love myself more now than I ever did. I wish others felt that way about themselves too. Looking bigger is natural and part of the pregnant life! Might as well embrace it!

Family coming to the hospital to meet your newborn. I’m all for this. To me, Gary and I aren’t baby boy’s only family and it’s important to both of us that his family gets to welcome him into the world. We will get our time to ourselves with him obviously but, we’re both very family oriented and feel he should get to meet the people who will be closest in his life. And yes, they’ll be allowed to hold him too. I trust the people in our family to opt out of holding him IF they are feeling sick. I'm very confident in their common sense. LOL!

Feeding your baby. I’m going to keep this one short because this is one of those ones I find to be a little much. I don’t care how you feed your baby as long as they’re fed. Formula or breast milk isn’t an argument to me. Do what’s best for your situation. It’s no one else’s business.

Advice from our parents and the generation before us. Yes, things have changed since they’ve had kids. But, they did raise their own kids and I have not. I don’t know why moms are so against asking for help or refusing advice from their elders. For me, the internet isn’t a super reliable place to learn some things. I’d rather learn from the people who have been through it. I am a first time mom. I don’t know it all. I fully accept that. I’m the “it takes a village” parent. Do I need to implement every little thing they teach? No. But their guidance is much appreciated and welcomed. 

So yeah. Just some thoughts that have been on my mind for the last few weeks of growing a human. I've been slacking a little on documenting how things are going but I'll be changing that! Hopefully you all don't mind a little mom content here and there!