I'm a summer baby and very much thrive in the summer.

You might think of vibrant colors when you think of the perfect time of year for photography sessions. Rich green grass, gorgeous flowers, bright blue sky...sounds magical doesn't it? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a punchy colorful gallery here and there too. Then there's the fall lovers who are dying to have that pumpkin spiced look to all of their photos! Again, I'm here for it but...my favorite season to shoot in is...WINTER.

I absolutely despise winter actually. I hate being cold, I could care less about snow, it's too dark too long, the list goes on for me. Somehow though, it manages to be my favorite season to do sessions! I will suffer through freezing my cheeks off because the end result of the photos is stunning! I have always loved earthy brown tones and a moody vibe which is quite literally what winter looks like. There's also something about a winter sunset if you catch a day when the clouds move aside that is just chefs kiss.

Pittsburgh is already a dreary sort of area but, our winters can be brutal. I think a lot of people just see winter as a time to hide out in their houses and don't think about just how gorgeous a session could be! If you're into neutrals at all, winter is actually perfect for you for a session! I love to warm up the look of the brown tones in winter which looks amazing for just about any breed of dog or if you dress your family up in colors like creamy colors, navy blues, grays, etc. it just creates the most perfect neutral portraits to hang up on your wall!

The fact is, most people are getting those springy vibrant or firey fall portraits. Stand out a little with winter session and I promise you won't regret it! The neutrals will be stunning for a lifetime!