A must have for dog moms!

Spring has most certainly sprung! I wasn't too sure about it at first because in Beaver County we hardly had a winter so I've been very skeptical. I don't trust Mother Nature right now. Anyway, I'm sure most of us are gearing up for spring cleaning and refreshing our homes! I've been doing my best for the last two weeks since I'm pregnant. It's getting there! Now, I can't speak for men on this one but I know when a woman is done cleaning her house...she's lighting a candle or two before she sits down and appreciates her hard work! That's my ritual and the cleaning isn't complete until a candle is lit! As a dog mom of three (and now having a baby on the way) I've always been cautious about candles. Most candles are actually toxic to dogs and us humans too. For the longest time I couldn't figure out why I was having so many headaches and then quickly realized the candles I was buying at Walmart and Target were partially to blame. So my search for alternatives began! I'm not into the essential oil fad so I quickly shot down that idea and ended up finding a small business local to me when I wasn't even looking! I happened upon DogGone Candles that is run by a woman whose probably as crazy a dog mom as me! I was quickly won over by her clever and punny dog themed candle names and was sold when I realized her products are made 100% non-toxic! But it got even better! Every month she donates a portion of each sale to a different pet-related organization like rescues and animal sanctuaries.

Our Great Dane Zoey modeling with one of my favorite candles and sprays.

The genius behind the candles!

Since I've purchased an egregious amount of candles, sprays, wax melts and more of DogGone Candles, I ended up getting to know the owner and mastermind behind the business! Tiffani as I said is also a dog mom of two gorgeous Labradors, Hope and Joy. "I always loved home fragrance." she told me. "When I realized most of the home fragrances like candles, room sprays, fragrance oils, etc. were super toxic, I stopped using them. I didn't want to expose ourselves and our dogs to toxic chemicals. That being said, I missed them. I started researching how to make my own. At first I had no intentions of selling them! Because I've been a musician most of my life, the creative side took over. I love dogs so much that I knew I wanted it to be dog themed. I also knew this was a perfect way to help dogs in need. At the time, there weren't any dog themed candle companies so I went to work coming up with names and studying the craft of candle making." And so...DogGone Candles was born! Thank dog!

I asked Tiffani when she started her business (and realized I went without her amazing candles for too long lol) and she said "August 19, 2018 was actually the launching day but I spent over a year prior developing my products." She's been going strong since then with her candles and even added more products like scent beads and room sprays! I highly recommend everything. Seriously, I use every product she sells! Ask Gary. Tiffani and I joke that he needs to build me shelves just to store my DogGone Candles products!

I had to know which candle scent was Tiffani's favorite so far. Her response was "I'd have to say 'Cinnamon Roll Over'! It was the first scent I came up with and will always be extra special for that reason." I wasn't shocked that she had a sentimental reason for her personal fav. My favorite so far is a close tie between 'Puppy Love Spell' and 'Dogtober Thirty First'. I love me a good fall scent but for the majority of the year I'm burning 'Puppy Love Spell'! Trust me though, she has a candle scent for every occasion! But which one is her best seller? "The pumpkin scents are most popular." she continues, "Although lately, our 'All Dogs Go To Heaven' has been our biggest seller. That's tough for me because I know why people are ordering it." The 'All Dogs Go To Heaven' candle is one of her latest and has a deep meaning behind it. On the candle it reads "In memory of all dogs in heaven" and makes a heart felt gift to those who have recently lost a beloved pet. Tiffani says, "I definitely have a love/hate relationship with that candle. I love that it's bringing comfort to someone who I absolutely know need it but, I hate the reason I'm sending it. The only way I could sell it was to donate the profits to the Humane Society's TLC Fund." This fund was set up to help care for stray, abandoned and abused animals. If this doesn't speak volumes on how much Tiffani loves animals, I don't know what could.

I give them a 10/10!

When I tell you I love something, I truly mean that! I'm not the type to promote something for the hell of it and I'm not getting any kick-back by doing this. I love recommending products that I actually use daily. DogGone Candles is one of my favorite small businesses to support and if you're a dog mom or know a dog mom or even just love quality candles...this is the place to buy them! You'll be getting great quality non-toxic products and you'll be helping animals in need!

My personal favorite candle 'Puppy Love Spell'

Photo credit: DogGone Candles, LLC