Okay guys, welcome to my very first blog post! I figured what better way to kick things off than to get a quick look at some things that I consider "essential" for me to bring to my sessions! As a pet photographer, there's quite a few more things that I bring with me than you might think. My camera bag of course, which contains my camera, extra batteries, SD cards, etc. Okay Jess, so what else do you need then?

Well, I always bring anything with me for my clients dog that I might think my dogs would need on a fun day out! I of course have extra treats because sometimes we tend to under pack when it comes to those. I like to come prepared with a variety of (dog friendly) snacks. My most common treats of choice are actual dog treats, hot dogs, and cheese. Every dog likes something different and some dogs may not want to listen for the same old snacks they get at home especially when they are outside at a place they don't know. Hot dogs are the secret weapon! In my years training dogs, I never had a pup turn down a hot dog! I also bring a few bottles of water (for the dogs and their humans) along with a pop up water bowl (not for their humans) to drink out of!

Moving on to the "tools" category, I always bring a sturdy slip line leash. In most cases, especially with short haired dogs, the slip line leash is very easy to make disappear in the editing process. If the owner's don't have a special collar of course. While I do warn clients ahead of time that I'll be making a lot of weird noises, I also bring along some squeaky toys to assist! Plus, some dogs like to play as a reward for good behavior! Tissues. Why? Because you never know when things are going to get emotional. Especially when it comes to senior dog sessions. Also...drool. Even though I can edit out the big slime trail of drool on your jeans, it doesn't hurt to be able to wipe that off! AND OF COURSE...poop bags. I shouldn't have to explain that, right?

Last, but certainly not least, I bring a bandana. Did I lose you? Let me explain. I am partnered with a local dog bandana shop who very generously sends me a mystery bandana for each four legged model after their pawrents book their session! If the session has a specific purpose, for example your pup's birthday, Bronx and Bristol will gladly send a bandana that is relevant to the theme! Bronx and Bristol is my absolute favorite dog-related store and it's a small business! You can check out their store at bronxandbristol.com!

So, if you see some wack job crazy dog lady looking person walking up to you with a utility belt of dog accessories...it's totally me!

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